Most of us are in a pretty vulnerable state after a breakup and it is safe to say that we overpowered by the mix of emotions that occupy us, we might take drastic decisions at this point of time and it is important to remember you somewhere have to be sane in making these decisions because most of the decisions made when one is overpowered by emotions don’t end up that well, right after a breakup one might consider taking their ex back and to be honest when we miss direly and we can only remember the good moments, we would just want to forget everything that became the cause of the breakup and get back together, but it is important to have some if your ex-girlfriend broke up with you and these are some unwritten rules that will help you mess up again. When you are thinking about taking your ex back make sure that you go through the reasons that caused the breakup, evaluate yourself and as soon as you decide that you want her back the make sure that you start by accepting your mistakes as well, accepting mistakes and being apologetic goes a long way in maintaining a healthy relationship, make sure that you and your ex sit down and have a rational discussion about the things that made it a mess in the first place and more importantly both parties should be willing to deal with everything that is an obstacle in keeping the relation healthy, all of this is to make sure that things are different this time around and it doesn’t lead you to the same road again. Breaking up is tough but breaking up again with that same person would be devastating for you and you should allow that to happen to yourself by considering few of these important things when thinking about getting your ex back.